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FileMaker Server Password Recovery v1.0M is released, now with FileMaker Server 16 support! more...
Sage 50 Payroll Password Recovery v1.0C is released, now with Sage 50 Payroll 2017 (v23) support! more...
AccountEdge Password Recovery v1.0R is released, now with AccountEdge Pro 2018 support! more...
Sage 50 Accounts Password Recovery v1.0K is released, now with Sage 50 Accounts 2017 (v23) support! more...
MYOB Password Recovery v1.1V is released, now with MYOB AccountRight v19.14 support! more...
Sage Instant Accounts Password Recovery v1.0L is released, now with Sage 50 Accounts Essentials 2017 (formerly Sage Instant Accounts) support! more...
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